Water Filtration / CalMax S

CalMax S is designed for heavy usage when the demand for filtered water is high – the ideal solution for the office, factory etc. A robust housing unit, combined with powerful Max S cartridge, guarantees the highest level of filtration efficacy. The special wound filter construction of the Max S cartridge, extensively tried and tested in industry, effectively combats problems with sediment, dirt and discolouration of water. Contaminants are trapped within the special cartridge matrix, giving maximum filtration performance. CalMax S is easy to install by connecting to an existing tap. Little maintenance is required for a continuous supply of finely filtered water.

The benefits...

  • Effectively delivers a continuous supply of finely filtered drinking water
  • Ideal for use where demand for filtered water is high
  • Combats problems with sediment, dirt, and discolouration
  • Complete kit ready for installation
  • Cost effective – low maintenance
  • Continuous supply – suitable for connecting to an existing water tap
  • Tried and tested – effective particulate trapping maxtrix, extensively used in industry
  • Easy to change cartridge

Product data...

CalMax S installation guide

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  • Max S drinking water filter kit: DWFK-Max-S
  • Max S replacement cartridge: CART-Max-S

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