Water Filtration / CalHouse SC

The CalHouse SC drinking water filter connects directly to an existing household water tap and features a compact, under-sink cartridge housing. The House SC cartridge has a special wound and carbon matrix, designed for trapping sediment and dirt. Contaminants are effectively reduced to improve drinking water taste and smell. Also recommended for combatting problems with water discolouration, chlorine, organic materials and heavy metals. CalHouse SC delivers filtered water on demand.

The benefits...

  • On demand supply of filtered water for better drinking and cooking
  • Combats dirt, discolouration, sediment, chlorine, poor odour and taste
  • Reduces organic material and heavy metals
  • Complete kit ready for installation
  • Saves money – no need to buy expensive bottled water
  • Convenient connection to a single household water tap
  • Quick under-sink installation
  • Easy change cartridges

Product data...

CalHouse SC installation guide

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  • CalHouse SC drinking water filter kit: DWFK-House-SC
  • House SC replacement cartridge: CART-House-SC

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