Solving hard water problems

Hard water problems…

Water containing high levels of dissolved minerals like chalk, limestone, calcium and magnesium is often referred to as ‘hard’. Although our water supply normally contains chlorine and other dissolved minerals, the presence of hard scale or limescale, often results in damage to equipment, loss of energy efficiency, and water that is unpleasant for drinking, washing, cleaning and bathing.

Scale and scum

Two of the main problems associated with hard water are scale and scum. Scale is often visible as a hard deposit around taps, shower fittings and toilets, whereas scum makes water difficult to lather and leaves a thick, soft, deposit around sinks, baths and basins. There is also the added difficulty of hard scale problems that are not so visibly noticeable. Over time, hard scale builds-up in water systems and this is particularly true where water is being heated.

Long term effects of hard water damage

Hard water interferes with every cleaning task from laundering and dishwashing, to bathing and personal grooming. Left untreated, hard water deposits go on building-up, reducing energy and system efficiency. Hard water deposits cause damage to pipework and equipment like central heating systems, washing machines, dishwashers, showers, taps, sinks, baths and kettles. If the hard scale problem is severe, the damage to equipment may be irreversible, resulting in the need for new appliances, or even whole system replacement.

Hard water solutions

Calmag scale inhibitors prevent hard scale build-up in pipework, heat exchangers, boilers and mains connected water appliances.

Calmag water softeners offer all the benefits of a scale inhibitor, with the added luxury of softer water for washing, cleaning and bathing.

Calmag water filters allow you to control the taste, clarity and odour of your water for drinking and cooking. No more furring of kettles, hot drinks tastes great.

Calmag chemicals and powerflushing effectively prolongs the life of central heating whilst restoring the efficiency and performance.

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