Improving your central heating

With soaring energy costs and the considerable expense of replacing central heating boilers and radiators, it makes sense to improve energy performance whilst prolonging the life of your central heating system.

Dirty central heating systems can increase fuel bills by as much as 35%. Independent research carried out by GasTech, found that sludge build up in radiators in a normal domestic heating system, can reduce overall system effectiveness by as much as 15%. Boiler manufacturers are increasingly reluctant to honour warranty repairs where it can be shown that damage to the boiler is the result of excessive system sludge or debris.

Despite the fact that we depend heavily on our central heating system for home comfort and convenience, independent research also shows that the majority of central heating systems never receive any form of treatment.

The Calmag complete range of central heating solutions includes powerflushing machines, chemical cleaners, descalers, restoratives, inhibitors and leak sealers. Our CalDensate acidic neutraliser, with its unique cartridge, or traditional Soakaway, deal responsibly with the acidic condensate waste produced by condensing boilers.

Improving your central heating system is easier with Calmag, helping you to save money and protect the environment, whilst preventing the stress and inconvenience of system breakdowns.

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