Choosing a hard water solution

One of the most important things to remember when choosing hard water treatment products is that different products offer different benefits and levels of protection.

For example, a Calmag scale Inhibitor prevents scale build-up in pipework, heat exchangers and boilers, whilst protecting your mains connected water appliances. A Calmag water softener offers all the benefits of a scale inhibitor, with the added luxury of softer water for better washing, bathing and cleaning. A Calmag water filter allows you to control the taste, clarity and odour of water, which means no more furring of kettles, and great tasting tea and coffee.

Calmag Powerflushing and Chemical Solutions have been specially developed for prolonging the life and improving the energy and environmental performance of central heating systems.

Calmag offers the widest product choice, and through this we probably have the perfect solution for you. It is important to consider the severity of your water problem, the results you want to achieve, and your budget requirements. For best results, we recommend using the services of a professional installer, who can give valuable advice on the right products for your needs, as well as carrying out proficient chemical treatment or product installation covering all applications.

Calmag’s commercial solutions effectively reduce corrosion and scale damage; minimising the effects of sludge, acidic waste and microbiological contamination.

For a modest outlay, the long term energy savings benefits of effective water treatment can be considerable. The quality of the water supplied to industry is generally determined by local conditions, so there is no practical method of external treatment at the waterworks. Calmag’s commercial and industrial products offer a highly effective, low cost solution for the widest range of applications.

Our flexible packages include recommendations for individual applications, wide choice of reliable and rugged bespoke or standard products, installation and after sales services.

We work very closely with all our customers from design to completion. Our portfolio of case studies gives an overview of our expertise and project solutions.

In addition to our standard commercial and industrial products, we offer solutions for practically every application, including water coolers, ph correction units, nitrate removal units and bespoke solutions. Plus a full choice from our extensive domestic products range.

Calmag water treatment specialists support commerce and industry by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Get in touch for expert product recommendations and competitively priced solutions for all your commercial and industrial water related needs.

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