After many productive meetings, Calmag are pleased to announce the appointment of a distributor in Romania.

NEFERPROD, who are based in Timisoara and Bucharest, will cover the whole of Romania and Moldova as Calmag’s distributor of all domestic and commercial water treatment products. Managing Director Charles Wysocki recently attended a presentation at Bucharest’s main University for installers, to discuss opportunities with Romania’s main service company’s.

‘We had an extremely productive session which has opened up opportunities for installers to generate income and to offer solutions to the problem’s homeowners, and businesses, are finding in regards to poor water quality.’

‘The pleasing aspect was that I found all attendees extremely technically astute which made the explanation a lot easier as they understood what our products could achieve. NEFERPROD have also been extremely pro-active in their approach and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.’

Calmag are continuing discussions with other countries to further expand their UK base overseas, with exclusive country-distribution agreements, as they are able to work towards offering solutions within any European country.