Calmag water treatment solutions provide better water for a better way of life, everyday!

Do you want clear, fresh tasting, water for drinking and cooking; beautiful, soft water for luxurious washing and bathing or do you need to purify the water you draw from a well or private water supply? 

With Calmag water treatment solutions you can! We can even help you save time, energy and money by improving the efficiency of water based central heating systems. In short, Calmag water treatment solutions provide better water for a better way of life – everyday!

At Calmag we design, build and rigorously quality test products here in the UK and we stock the widest range of water treatment products available so you can have better home water at a price to suit your budget. The table below will help you to decide what product is best for you.

 Calmag Scale InhibitorsCalmag Water SoftenersCalmag Chemical RangeCalmag Power FlushingCalmag Condensate NeutraliserCalmag Water FiltrationCalmag UltraViolet Treatment
Limescale and hard deposit free water - Calmag Protection for your household appliances and pipework

Treated water for lower fuel bills and longer lasting central heating radiators, pipework and boiler

Soft beautiful water, for luxurious washing, bathing and brighter household cleaning

Water free from acidic pollution from your condensing boiler - comply with legal requirements and stop acidic waste polluting the UK's water system

Clear, fresh tasting water for healthy cooking and drinking

Improving the quality of water from your private water supply— preventing bacterialinfection