CalCombi Magnetic and Electrolytic Scale Inhibitor

The versatile CalCombi combination magnetic and electrolytic scale inhibitor gives maximum protection against the damaging effects of hard scale. The unit comes complete with 2 x 22mm push fit fittings and 2 x 15mm stem adaptors, making it suitable for both 15mm and 22mm pipework. Available as a 160mm unit or as a space saving 105mm unit.

The benefits...

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • One model suits all applications
  • Combination product
  • Whole house protection
  • Durable nickel plating
  • Speedfit fittings for rapid installation
  • Available as standard or space saving unit

Product data...

SI-CalCombi 160mm unit
excluding fittings

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SI-CalCombi 105mm unit
excluding fittings

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