Condensate Neutralisers

The problem...

Condensing boilers produce water vapour during combustion, the water vapour condenses and latent heat passes into the system. Acidic water known as ‘condensate’, is produced. If the condensate is pumped straight to the drain, it can have a harmful effect on the environment.

Left untreated, hard water can seriously damage your central heating system and boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, shower and household pipework.

The solution...


CalDensate is designed to treat the acidic waste produced by all condensing boilers. The tough, non-corrosive, in-line unit is quick and easy to fit. There is no need to dig a condensate trap. CalDensate is versatile – it can be fitted with all makes of condensing boiler – even those that are situated above ground floor level.

The acidic waste from condensing boilers (condensate) damages the environment. Dealing responsibly with condensate is easy with CalDensate.


Robust in-line unit

Complete with push-fit fittings for use with acidic water

Acid compatible – will not corrode

Unique cartridge refill

Suitable for installation with all combination boilers

No need to dig condensate traps

Perfect for boiler installations above ground level

Reusable unit and replaceable refill — less acidic and less landfill waste

CalDensate Specification
Length200mm (including fittings)
Diameter55mm (max)
MaterialAcid Compatible - will not corrode
FittingsPush-fit adapted for use with acidic water discharge
Maximum working pressure5 bar (70 psi)
Maximum temperature80 °C
Maximum flow rate1.08 l/sec (14gpm)
ConsumablesDensate R Cartridge replaceable every 12 months

CalDensate Replaceable Cartridges

The unique replaceable cartridges for CalDensate makes the unit even more environmentally friendly. Replacing the special cartridge does not require the complete replacement of the CalDensate unit and the cartridge only needs to be replaced every 12 months. Ask for the Densate R cartridge.


The CalSoakaway has been designed to fully conform to the latest regulations and has been manufactured to the highest possible standards using the latest material that will not degrade when in contact with acidic waste. The durable housing has the recommended number of outlets for the acidic waste to disperse from the calcium carbonate whilst the universal cap provides installations to cope with 22mm, 35mm and 42mm condensate pipe.

This ensures that the product is easy to install, saving time and money, whilst providing the confidence to installers that they are meeting the current regulations.


Total acid protection

10 year warranty

No replacement needed

Lasts the lifetime of the boiler – based on boiler replacement scheme

Simple to install and easy discharge

No need to dig condensate traps

Compatible with 22mm, 35 mm and 42mm condensate pipe

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