Scale Prevention

The Electromag water conditioner provides industry with a cost effective solution for treating problems with hard scale. Electromagnetic technology effectively reduces existing limescale.

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Water Softeners

Removing water hardness by ion exchange is one of our most frequently requested technologies. Preventing scale damage to heat exchangers, hot water cylinders and system pipework is economical and effective with Calmag Commercial Water Softeners.

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Ultraviolet Disinfection

The CalUltra, Ultra Violet Disinfection System, is the easiest and most cost effective way to make water from private supplies safe for human consumption.

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Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration

When you need water in its purest form, the Calmag Reverse Osmosis System offers the most refined form of filtration, suitable for many applications, including specialist industry sectors.

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Descaling pipes and boilers costs British Industry over £800m each year.

The costs to business of the damaging effects of untreated water are substantial. When hard water is heated, or evaporation takes place, the problems are exacerbated.

At 60°C water containing 145ppm of calcite, flowing at 3.5 litres per minute, produces 4.8 kilograms of scale in one year.

Calmag commercial water solutions effectively reduce corrosion and scale damage; minimising the effects of sludge, acidic waste and microbiological contamination.

For a modest outlay, the long term energy savings benefits of effective water treatment can be considerable. The quality of the water supplied to industry is generally determined by local conditions, so there is no practical method of external treatment at the waterworks. Calmag commercial and industrial products offer highly effective, low cost solutions for the widest range of applications.

Our flexible packages include recommendations for individual applications, wide choice of reliable and rugged bespoke or standard products, installation and after sales services.

We work very closely with all our customers from design to completion. Our portfolio of Case Studies gives an overview of our expertise and project solutions. Click here to view…

In addition to our standard commercial and industrial products, we offer solutions for practically every application, including water coolers, ph correction units, nitrate removal units and bespoke solutions. Plus full choice from our extensive DOMESTIC PRODUCTS range.

Calmag water treatment specialists support commerce and industry by increasing efficiency and reducing costs. CONTACT US NOW for expert product recommendations and competitively priced solutions for all your commercial and industrial water related needs.