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Do you want clear, fresh tasting, water for drinking and cooking; beautiful, soft water for luxurious washing and bathing or do you need to »

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Calmag commercial water solutions effectively reduce corrosion and scale damage; minimising the effects of sludge, acidic waste and microbiological »

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Calmag launch BIM Objects to coincide with the Governments strategy
Calmag has launched its main product range, the Electromag, to the BIM Object library to support the industry‚Äôs transition to BIM. Offered through the NBS portfolio, users can be confident each »
Calmag offer new CPD seminar to the industry
This seminar provides a brief description of water treatment methods that should be considered and provides a comprehensive solution for commercial/industrial applications. The seminar will »

About Us

Who we are

Calmag is the only independently owned UK manufacturer to produce a complete range of products and services to meet the needs of both domestic and commercial customers.

What we do

Our water treatment experts are specialists in the development and manufacture of the most diverse range of water treatment solutions.

Why choose us

Calmag products offer the widest choice of water solutions to deliver the quality of water supply for the home or business, with the benefits of reduced energy usage and significant savings.


Calmags industry leading Electromag significantly reduced the impact of hard water on our business and we also saw reductions in our ongoing energy costs…